Fiberglass composites are widely used for mass transit vehicle components. FGS Composites produce both interior and exterior fibreglass parts for new construction and retrofits. Because our capabilities include a range of fibreglass composite materials and processes, we can support specific requirements for fire retardancy, electrical conductivity, cosmetics, aerodynamics, durability and weight.

Fibreglass composite materials give full freedom to production and modification engineers to bring their concepts into practice. Large side panels combining constant quality and strength can be made.

With composite profiles it is possible to achieve an optimum combination of large complex shape with thin enough walls for weight saving, excellent surface quality for overall appearance, and adequate fire performance for passenger safety. The thermal insulation properties also give benefits in air conditioning ducts or heating channels.


Downer EDI Rail and Bombardier

Static and live simulator manufacturing and installation.

Prototyping of train interior and locomotive fronts.

Repair and modification of train passenger car FRP components.

Queensland Rail and Aurizon

Locomotive soundproofing, panel design and production.


Train passenger seat production and modification.

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